Most Expensive

List of Most Expensive Cars

Most Expensive Car
Ferrari 250 GT
Price: US$ 17,275,500
Model: 1963

Production Car
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport
Price: US$ 2,700,000 (GB£ 1,665,000)
Model: 2010

Most Expensive Car-Post War
Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa
Price: US$ 12,390,000
Model: 1957
Guinness World Records

Concept Car
Maybach Exelero
Price: US$ 8,000,000
Model: 2005

Most Expensive Car Registration Plate
Plate No: 1
Sold to: Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Ghouri
Price: US$ 14.2million

Most Inexpensive Car
Briggs Stratton Co. Red Bug
Price: US$ 125
Model: 1922
Guinness World Record Holder

Table of Most Expensive Auctioned Cars